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As Low As 34 Cents A Mile

Our fleet of over 150 carriers deliver nationwide every day for major RV, cargo and horse trailer manufacturers. We also deliver regularly for many national auto transport companies.

Our drivers need back-hauls and we are willing to pass tremendous savings on to you (as low as 34 cents a mile) to get those loads.

We Haul

Motor Homes
Delivery Vans
Cargo Trailers
General Freight
Heavy Equipment
RV Trailers
Horse Trailers
Flat Bed Trailers

These Are All Back-Hauls

..Denver, Colorado to Chicago, IL
..Miami, Florida to Atlanta, GA

Hoosier RV Transport is located in Elkhart County, Indiana, 
known as the "RV Capitol of the World."

Anything headed back our way on a general route
 is considered a back-haul. 
Even if you just need a load delivered across state, 
(Austin, Texas to Dallas, Texas)
you can still be eligible for the discounted rates.

If a driver must travel somewhat out of the way, for example, from Los Angeles to Houston, which is slightly south, we will factor a back-haul percentage and adjust the rate accordingly.

 Savings of partial back-hauls are still substantial. A vehicle transported from Portland, OR, to New York city would receive the back-haul fee from Portland to Indiana, and an outbound rate the rest of the way.

To see if there is an immediate back-haul in your area,
please check out our Availability Board.

Additional Requirements

-Load needs to be available for immediate pick-up.
-Load needs to mobile. (Boats on trailers, cars with 4 good tires.)
-Load values up to $75,000. (Additional coverage available.)
-Load size: max length 53', max width 102", max height 13'6".
-Load maximum weight 52 tons.
-Trailers to be hauled need electric brakes.*
-For general freight you must provide loading equipment.

*Anything other than goosenecks can be loaded onto a flat bed trailer.

Call Toll Free 1-800-848-1510 For More Information
Email: trns@hoosier-rv-transport.com 

Hoosier RV Transport
1108 South Division
Bristol, In, 46507
(219) 848-7000
Fax (219) 848-1818

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